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What's more disturbing: A company that makes sexy lingerie for 10-year olds, or the provocative photos used to sell it? In our opinion, both!


Jours Apres Lunes, a new French clothing brand, is marketing their  "loungerie" line of sexy staples for tweens and pre-tweens. Although the company calls their line loungeware, the pieces mimic the the same lingerie styles and cuts that adult women would purchase. Let's face it: The photos of these, um, models with come-hither hair and makeup leave little to the marketing imagination. Did you see that picture of the girl with the teddy bear and pearls, pouting and posing provocatively? Psst: She's 11.


For more photos and to read more click HERE, then let us know what you think! Are we overreacting (it's just a fun form of dress-up!)? Or does this cross the line (too sexual too soon!)? Talk to us!


The idea of positively changing the course of another woman’s life may seem like a daunting, and sometimes impossible, task. After all, there are millions of people in this world who are deprived of the most basic necessities—food, shelter, security, education, love. Where do you even start to make a difference? Well, what if we told you that you could help save the world’s women in as little time as it takes to read a book? Really. Stay with us here …

Well, not any book, but Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s brilliant call-to-arms Half the Sky, where we follow the authors through hidden-from-view locations in Africa and Asia to meet an amazing group of women struggling under profoundly dire circumstances—and an equally extraordinary number that have triumphed despite the odds. Through these stories, we see that the key to progress in our world lies in unleashing women's potential. Interested yet?

Your part: Read it, then share it. Talk about what you’ve read. Blog and Tweet about how the stories made you feel. Shout about the possibilities from the rooftops. We want to hear you roar! And most importantly, after you’ve read Half the Sky, pass the book on to your friends and family. We’re confident that reading about these extraordinary women will make you want to change the world, one woman at a time. How? Well, click HERE.

We could watch The Girl Effect's words-gone-wild video over and over again (and, actually, we have!). Spend a minute watching and reading along ... and we bet it'll be a clip you bookmark too (click here, or on the image to the left to view).


As the above video's sequel, don't let the conversational tone fool you: This superbly written and art directed We Have a Situation video by The Girl Effect is a rallying cry (click here)!



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According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a feminist is someone, male or female, who believes in social, political and economic equality between the sexes.  In a nut shell, feminists believe that woman and men should be treated the same and given the same rights. That said, who wouldn't want to be one? 

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