Empower a woman

Who We Are

What is Our Dream?

As an organisation, we have a very big dream. Our dream is so big it scares us to even think about it. Yet we dare to dream, we dare to step out and do something because we believe that our dreams can come true. We know we cannot do it alone and so we want to share it with you – maybe, just maybe you can help us make this dream come true.​

​Our dream is to impact the lives of vulnerable women around the world. We want to help EVERY VULNERABLE WOMAN discover who she is – A woman who is a necessary part of this world. We want to ensure every vulnerable woman has the opportunity to gain a sense of true value and identity, financial security and be empowered to live the good life they deserve. That is a big dream!

Why we exist

To strengthen women with the word of God and expose women to the love of God. We want to equip vulnerable women with the support that they need to re-gain their confidence and self esteem. To empower women with the tools, knowledge and resources required to improve their lives and to give free gifts to make women SMILE.

We want to create a platform that gives every woman an opportunity to achieve their dreams and to unlock their hidden potential regardless of their financial or social background. We believe every woman deserves a chance to succeed.

Our desire is for every woman that we support to embrace the vision of the organisation and partner with us. That each woman would thrive and succeed and would be willing to help and support another woman achieve her dreams