Education: Gigie Nursery and Primary School

We are proud to support and sponsor this school in Nigeria. Since its inception, EAW has partnered with the school, sponsoring the education of many girls. 

Gigie Nursery and Primary School Otor Iyede, located at 19 Olomoro Road Otor Iyede, Isoko North Local Government Area in Delta State.

Founded April 2008, the school was government-approved in May 2010. The school’s motto is “preparing for life”.

The school was founded by Mrs Evelyn Ideh, a seasoned educationist, philanthropist and has a passion for vulnerable women especially widows. Her passion for raising the next generation is unrivalled and she is committed to seeing as many children in rural villages educated. Mrs Ideh is a retired Principal with over 40 years of experience. She is also the mum to our founder, Rev Amanda Bedzrah. 


 Our school is passionate about the growth of children in every area of life through meaningful partnership with parents in pruning, sharpening and harnessing of skills and talents to a positive end alongside preparing them to become responsible adults in the society.  


To impact every child with positive qualities that would transform and make them outstanding in the areas of wisdom, intelligence, diligence, discipline and morals.

No of children 90 

No of teachers 08 

Classes – Nursery, Primary and Secondary 

JSS 1-3: Junior Secondary School is 3 classes while Senior Secondary School is also 3 years.


Nursery 1-3 (3 classes) 

Primary classes: 1-5 (5 classes) 

Secondary school classes: JSS 1-3 (3 classes)

Total number of classes in the school: 11.

Founder & Proprietress


The major challenge is the shortage of qualified teachers. Teachers are unwilling to work in the rural areas and schools keep springing up in the community. There is therefore a bid/ competition for the few ones around. We are blessed to have a few good teachers, but would appreciate your prayers for much more.

Another challenge is the parents, some are unwilling to send their children to school as they would prefer them to work at their farms. They are often unwilling to pay the minimal fees to send their children to school, especially the girl child. With our limited resources, we try to provide as much free education, scholarships and support for them.


  1. To give the school a face lift by painting the school buildings, mending the broken walls, replacing chalkboards for white boards and tiling the school hall.

  2. Revive the school’s playground.

  3. Change the present toilet system to squat toilet system, still with an over head tank.


We would be very thankful for donations towards the school’s project or sponsorship of a child’s education. Every penny will go towards making a difference in the lives of the children God has given us the privilege to serve. We need you. Please use the donate button and put “SCHOOL” as your reference.

If you would like to sponsor a child’s education for £100 a year (fees, uniform and books) please get in touch via and we are happy to allocate a child to you and are committed to keeping you updated on their progress.