We empower through Sponsorship, boost entrepreneurship with Small Business Opportunities, and promote lifelong learning in Adult Education. Join us for change.


We want to sponsor women who are little or low income, to start a small business, to get life skills or adult education that can lead to sustainable employment. Our aim is to work with women who have been equipped through the Shine Women programme or a similar course.
At the moment, we predominantly sponsor women who live in Kent, UK. We anticipate that as this organisation starts to grow, we would be able to expand our services to other area in the UK. We aspire to partner with other international organisations to impact the lives of women in other countries.

We hope that each woman sponsored will become successful in her chosen endeavour and in time, would sponsor another woman to succeed

​​​​​​​​Small Business Opportunities

Direct selling businesses account for the largest part time work and independent business opportunities in the UK. Majority of women, especially moms with young families or carers dream of having a business that is flexible with hours that fit around their personal commitments. The cost of childcare makes it almost impossible for mums with young kids to have a full time job. Some women who do have full time jobs often struggle to make ends meet due to financial constraints and would benefit from the opportunity to have an additional income stream.


Direct selling businesses provide an opportunity for women who are passionate about their success to start a small business.
There are so many benefits of having a direct selling business :

– You can be your own boss

– You can work hours that suit your commitments and lifestyle.
– It is easy to start up and set up

The company will provide you with all the training and support you need so there is usually no experience required.
There are various products to market, so you can choose a business that suits you.
You can grow the business to become very successful if you put in the time and effort required. What you put in is what you get out.

However, there are women who have their own unique ideas and passion and would love to turn that into a business they can profit from, whether its arts and crafts or baking, catering, dog walking or setting up an ebay shop online we would love to work with you to bring these dreams to life as much as we can. So if you have a unique small business idea? We would love to hear it, we may just be able to make that dream come true.

​ Adult Education And Training

Most counties in the UK have organisations that provide adult education training. These organisations usually work in partnership with the councils to provide relevant courses at subsidised rates. The organisations should provide learning opportunities in line with the objectives defined by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills New Challenges, New Chances (2011)

The organisations would work with the local communities across the county to provide a wide range of courses and make them accessible to as many adults taking into consideration things like location, timing and price.

Some examples of the courses provided are
​Arts – Illustration, Painting, Art History, Sculpture
​Craft – Baking, Cookery, Interior Design, Embroidery
Health and Fitness – Massage, Yoga, Fitness Instructing, Sport
​General Studies – Business Management, Film Studies, Creative Writing.

​For a more comprehensive list, please visit your county’s adult education website. If you live in Kent, visit www.kentadulteducation.co.uk for more details on Adult Education and if you are interested in Beauty Courses visit www.kentbeautyschool.co.uk