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Empower A Woman Nigeria works hard each year to support at least 50 widows and their families and at least 20 orphaned children in the remote village of Otor-Iyede in Nigeria, West Africa.

Since 2013, we have sponsored more than 70 widows and their families as well as 7 orphaned children. We provide them with enough food items to prepare a decent Easter & Christmas meal, as well as basic kitchen essentials.

We also organised a Christmas party for them, where they were fed and entertained and give them money to buy other personal items. We sponsor some children through primary education and provide basic stationery for the local primary school.

Can you partner with us and help us make a difference? You can sponsor a Widow and her family for £20 or £10 for an orphaned child for Christmas. ​Your sponsorship would provide a whole chicken, foodstuff and drinks as well as some money for other needs during this festive season. Please join us in our to make this a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We also partner with the local primary school GIGIE Nursery and Primary School. Here, you can sponsor a disadvantaged for as little as £100 each academic year. This money will cover their academic fees, school uniform, books and trips and provide basic stationery. Just think that for only £100 a year you can give a child the opportunity to have a brighter future. For more information, please email us at contact@empowerawoman.org with the subject – CHILD SPONSORSHIP.